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  1. LuluOokami Feb 14, 2015


    Since I been thinking about how growing up we would give all our friends and classmates a Valentine's Day card and it brought joy I wanted to try to bring that joy once more to all my friends here. So I hope that this Valentine's Day you get to spend it doing things that you enjoy with the one you enjoy spending your time with the most.

  2. LuluOokami Feb 05, 2015

    Quote by weird12u You know I only came on here to bug you hehe, since you always want me on here I'd figure I'd say hiiiiii before you take a break... it looks like I missed you though ugh V.V oh well wish people were being lame faces to you here (but seriously why leave the whole Internet? I'm SO much more important than this drama ^•^ lol just kiddin but message me on Facebook or something when you see this! Lurve you lulu

    I know your one of the more important people to me and I lurve you as well.

  3. LuluOokami Feb 05, 2015

    Quote by weird12u

    Quote by LuluOokami What would everyone think of having a Valentine's Day art contest? Would anyone take part or anything?

    I can't find my tablet pen T•T but once I do find it I'll try to share small chibi characters or something (can't promise the best since yu know I'm already making jewelry and i just picked up decoupage again.. I told Zack I wanted to start making vectors and such but he said I also want to start working out and I shouldn't get myself into to much..but what's one more hobby gonna hurt?) I wish I saw this sooner but you know I never go on here sadly

    Just be sure to take care of yourself sis and not over work yourself to much. Do a little here and there and you should be fine. And your the only one who showed any interest in it.

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